Sustainably Produced

Lindt & Sprüngli is working continuously on reducing the use of valuable energy, water and paper (including waste volumes). Special attention is paid to the constant reduction of CO2 emissions through programmes at production sites and by optimising transport routes of raw materials and end products. Furthermore, Lindt & Sprüngli offers safe and fair working conditions to its staff worldwide and is engaged in many local initiatives.

The environment in the production process

Lindt & Sprüngli has been able to consistently reduce the consumption of energy and water, the output of CO2 and waste, and optimise its transport routes.
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Fair employer

Lindt & Sprüngli believes that employees form the core of the company. With this focus, the company is committed to offering them a safe and socially sustainable workplace.
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Locally engaged

As a corporate citizen and fair taxpayer, Lindt & Sprüngli supports local projects and initiatives in the regions where its companies are located. The company is committed to continuing the investment of substantial amounts into manufacturing sites to prepare for higher growth and create additional jobs over the years ahead.
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Quality control

To ensure that the goods leaving the factories live up to Lindt & Sprüngli’s promise, the company has very stringent quality control mechanisms. The philosophy behind the company’s quality control is very strict. Testing is already done at the raw material and semi-finished good level so that fewer, if any at all, objections occur later in the production line.
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Our Premium Promise in Production

Lindt & Sprüngli produces its premium chocolate applying proprietary processes in cocoa bean treatment, refining and “conching”. The company only selects the best raw materials for use in production that match the quality of its premium products.
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