LINDT strongly condemns child labor

LINDT strongly condemns child labor and remains committed to eradicating it from cocoa production. To that end, over the last few years, LINDT has initiated a number of important steps within in its cocoa supply chain and dedicated US $5 million to address this highly complex issue.

Of note is:

  • LINDT imposes within its supply chain strict and thorough process control from sourcing of ingredients to production and distribution of its premium chocolates. Doing so enables LINDT to monitor and continuously improve sustainability in all aspects of our operations.
  • LINDT’s focus is to ensure that the same high sourcing standards for cocoa beans apply for our entire product portfolio, rather than only offering few products with a third party controlled fair trade label.
  • LINDT cocoa beans are sourced from different South American and Caribbean countries, and from Ghana.
  • Within the West African origins, LINDT has chosen Ghana as its exclusive origin country since it is known for high bean quality and strict state control of the cocoa industry.
  • LINDT owns a minority participation in the Ghanese company collecting the cocoa beans from farmers and thus takes responsibility for those operations.
  • Each bag of cocoa beans sourced from Ghana is fully traceable back to the individual farmer village, allowing audits and checks to uncover and promptly abolish any form of child labor.
  • LINDT pays a premium of US $60 on each ton of cocoa sourced from Ghana into a foundation (SourceTrust.org) that finances infrastructure, education and health projects in its farmer villages in Ghana.

Child labor is a complicated issue for our industry and many others. While LINDT has made strides to engage on and address this issue, it’s one not easily tackled alone.

Lindt & Sprüngli welcomes continued collaboration within the industry – in part through the partnership with the World Cocoa Foundation and commitment to assuring that the raw materials for LINDT’s whole product range are sourced to comply with the highest ethical and moral standards.

Kilchberg, April 6th 2012


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