LINDT’s Sustainable Cocoa Supply Chain

Lindt’s Ongoing Commitment

Lindt strongly condemns child labor and remains committed to eradicating it from cocoa production. For years, we have taken steps toward preventing the use of trafficking, forced labour, and the worst forms of child labour on farms from which we source. For example, we only source West African cocoa beans from Ghana, a nation where we have implemented a program to ensure 100% traceability. This means we know the farmers we do business with as well as the communities where their farms are located.

Lindt pays a price premium on cocoa it purchases in Ghana. That premium enables “Source Trust,” a not-for-profit organisation we partner with, to fund programs that improve the livelihoods and communities of the farmers from whom we buy.

The leadership role we have taken in identifying the specific communities that supply Lindt now opens the door to new opportunities, such as independent verification of the farms, to address trafficking and labour concerns.

Independent Verification

Building on traceability, Lindt has initiated in 2012 a program of independent verification of its traceable cocoa supply. The verification will be carried out by accredited third party auditors and will focus on assuring the absence of trafficking, forced labour, and the worst forms of child labour. It is Lindt’s intention that this independent verification process will be extended to cover Lindt’s entire cocoa supply chain by 2020.

Lindt will focus in the period 2012 – 2016 on the verification of its existing traceable cocoa supply network in Ghana. During this period, we will also increase the degree of traceability of Lindt’s cocoa supply from Caribbean and South American origins (mainly Ecuador).

In implementing full traceability and independent verification, Lindt will seek to partner with organisations such as Certification Capacity Enhancement, UTZ Certified, Source Trust, World Cocoa Foundation, African Cocoa Initiative and others.

Transparency and Reporting

Lindt recognizes that to ensure its efforts are accountable and credible, it is important to share with the public details and evaluation of those efforts. We commit to providing data on our progress annually including via our web site and our annual report. We will work with an independent entity to validate this data.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Lindt believes the empowerment of farmers is critical to improve their economic and social conditions, to protect the environment, and to ensure the eradication of trafficking, forced labour and worst forms of child labour. We believe continuing to make a priority of traceability in our supply chain will help us to directly support both farmers and communities. By implementing verification through independent third party audits, we renew our ongoing full commitment to address the issue of child labour with concrete and measurable activities across the cocoa supply chain.


Kilchberg, April 22nd 2012


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