Quality and food safety

Quality and food safety are the most essential elements in the business of chocolate making. As Lindt & Sprüngli creates exclusive chocolate products affording the highest levels of indulgence and pleasure, it implements several programmes to ensure superior quality and safety in every gram of Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate.

The company has complete control over the quality of its products as long as they are still in Lindt & Sprüngli’s warehouses. However, this influence drops at the time of delivery to the customers. The careful evaluation and cooperation of customers and specifically of the distribution channels that sell Lindt & Sprüngli products and store them, is of high relevance in the quality control system.

Certificates of ISO, FSSC and OHSAS

All the production facilities in Kilchberg (Switzerland), Aachen (Germany), Oloron (France), Gloggnitz (Austria), Induno Olona and Luserna San Giovanni (Italy) are certified with the ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality management.

The Lindt & Sprüngli production facilities in Gloggnitz (Austria), Luserna San Giovanni, Induno Olona (Italy), Oloron (France) and Aachen (Germany) as well as the Ghirardelli subsidiary (USA) are furthermore certified with the ISO 22000 respectively FSCC 22000 standard for food safety.The production facility in Luserna San Giovanni is further certified with the OHSAS 18000 standard for health and safety management.

ISO conducts audits at regular intervals to ensure that quality, environmental and food safety standards are upheld.

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Food safety

Lindt & Sprüngli places the highest emphasis on guaranteeing the best possible level of hygiene and food safety in all its factories. All chocolate producing companies comply with all national and international hygiene regulations. Apart from governmental inspections, AIB International annually conducts food safety audits in all Lindt & Sprüngli factories to ensure independent assessment.


Packaging is an essential component of the production chain of Lindt & Sprüngli. The materials used have to fulfil the highest quality standards in composition, stability and hygiene. This is why recycled materials such as corrugated cardboard can only be used for outer packaging. The packaging fulfils all national and international legal and hygiene standards.

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Consumer service

Consumer satisfaction is key for Lindt & Sprüngli.

A global CRM software tool has been developed and implemented since 2009. All Consumer Service specialists of the Lindt & Sprüngli Group now register and handle each inquiry, compliment and complaint carefully within the same system.

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