Quality control

To ensure that the goods leaving the factories live up to Lindt & Sprüngli's Promise, the company has very stringent internal and external quality control mechanisms in place. The quality control process includes very strict testing conducted at different stages from raw material to the finished product.

Internal control mechanisms on quality

There is an entire quality management network engaged in assuring the excellence of Lindt & Sprüngli products – from raw materials to release of the products to the consumer. Lindt & Sprüngli’s raw and packaging material suppliers are regularly audited by our quality assurance team or by third-party auditors. The production process is divided into several levels, each of which has mandatory quality standards the product must fulfill in order to pass on to the next level.

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External control mechanisms on processes and controls – ISO, FSSC and OHSAS

The production facilities in Kilchberg (Switzerland), Aachen (Germany), Oloron (France), Gloggnitz (Austria), Induno Olona and Luserna San Giovanni (Italy) are certified with the ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality management. The Lindt & Sprüngli production facilities in Gloggnitz (Austria), Luserna San Giovanni, Induno Olona (Italy), Oloron (France) and Aachen (Germany) as well as the Ghirardelli subsidiary (USA) are furthermore certified with the ISO 22000 respectively FSCC 22000 standard for food safety.

The production facility in Luserna San Giovanni is further certified with the OHSAS 18000 standard for health and safety management.

ISO conducts audits at regular intervals to ensure that quality, environmental and food safety standards are upheld.

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External control mechanisms on food safety – AIB

All manufacturing units are inspected unannounced on an annual basis by an external Food Safety auditor (AIB International). All Lindt & Sprüngli production sites have repeatedly  passed the audit with the highest marks.

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