Discover the World of LINDT!

Discover the World of LINDT!

Discover the World of LINDT!

Easter decoration tipps

What would Easter be without a delightful arrangement filled with chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies?  The Maîtres chocolatiers from LINDT show you how to create a wonderful ambience in a truly homely setting by using the GOLD BUNNY and the LINDOR eggs. 

Elegant LINDOR Arrangement

This is the arrangement for the lover of the irresistibly smooth melting chocolate:

Embedded amongst the artfully arranged buttercups, carnations and Lily of the Valley, you will discover the glistening of the large and small LINDOR Eggs. Place this delicate flower arrangement on a decorative glass plate.

Grass-green Easter fun

This exquisite green decoration does not only look good; it also tastes delicious.  After all, who can resist our much loved LINDT GOLD BUNNY? And amongst the small branches and delicate strawberry leaves, there are some mouth watering LINDT Eggs waiting to be discovered.

Crystal clear decoration

This is how a glass can be used as a GOLD BUNNY display.  And there is also room for those delicious LINDOR Eggs.  They won’t have to stay there too long anyway…

Festive gathering

Here the Easter brunch creates a great ambience amongst grown ups and younger ones alike. On the festively laid table, the LINDT GOLD BUNNY and mini GOLD BUNNY are hopping around. And for the grown ups, the delectable LINDOR Eggs are waiting.

Image: Julia Hörsch Styling: Katrin Heinatz

Creativity has no boundaries: Use Spring flowers and fine LINDT Chocolate to craft your own table decorations or make up a present for someone special using your own personal touch.

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