How about trying a new and different|chocolate with your coffee every day?


Perhaps you have bought SWISS LUXURY SELECTION chocolates as a gift for someone else before? What about buying it for you this time? Open a box of those small delicious chocolate jewels and transform your coffee time into a moment of great indulgence!


The LINDT Maîtres Chocolatiers suggest here which praline fits best with your coffee, tea or even favourite white wine.


Amande de Luxe



The “Diva” among our pralines is filled with a fine almond cream and pieces of Amaretti.  She enjoys the company of Champagne or Amaretto di Saronno.







A real intense Italian with a powerful taste, this praline’s best company is not only Espresso but also Grappa or any sweet wine.



Perle de Cacao



The richness of aromas and intense taste of this praline make it a perfect partner to a herbal tea. Or, with a glass of dry white wine, Perle de Cacao  is a sweet surprise at cocktail hour. 



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