Sustainably Consumed

Once Lindt & Sprüngli is convinced that a finished product has met its high quality standards, it can leave the factory. However, the company’s responsibility does not end there; Lindt & Sprüngli  is extremely concerned that its products are consumed in a responsible manner.

Health considerations

When consumed in moderation, some chocolate may produce positive health benefits, as suggested in many different nutritional studies and published in the scientific literature.

Regarding the scientific substantiation of health claims for cocoa and/or its constituents, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded however, that a cause and effect relationship has not been sufficiently established between the consumption of the said foods and the claimed effects. This applies particularly to antioxidant properties. Therefore, the general claim that some chocolate products can produce positive health benefits is not allowed on packaging or in advertising.
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Lindt & Sprüngli is proud to have remained innovative in its product range, production methods and packaging design since 1845. Only by continued critical observation of its activities and processes and a keen understanding of consumers’ needs can the company deliver premium products that meet their expectation.
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Quality and food safety

Quality and food safety are the most essential elements of our business. As Lindt & Sprüngli exclusively delivers chocolate products which provide the highest levels of indulgence and pleasure, it also implements several programmes to ensure superior quality and safety in every gram of Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate.
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Our Premium Promise in Consumption

Lindt & Sprüngli strongly believes that its consumers deserve the best premium chocolate.
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