Sustainably Sourced

Sustainability starts with the raw materials. To obtain high quality cocoa beans, nuts, milk and all the other delicious ingredients used in its chocolates, Lindt & Sprüngli needs to know exactly where they come from and who produces them. This enables the company to identify the best ways of supporting local farmers and communities - and to ensure that the ingredients correspond to the highest ethical standards as well as to maintain a level of biodiversity that guarantees future environmental health and commercial success. To further address the sustainable procurement of raw materials, Lindt & Sprüngli established in 2013 a new charitable foundation, the Lindt Cocoa Foundation, sharing financial resources of around CHF 250 million with the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation. The Lindt Cocoa Foundation will be dedicated to all aspects of the sustainable procurement of raw materials.

Sourcing our ingredients: Sustainability at the outset

Where do the raw materials come from? Lindt & Sprüngli is convinced that knowing the origins of its raw materials is crucial for a sustainable supply chain management. This section contains information on the origin of raw materials, packaging materials and the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct. It also addresses related topics such as Lindt & Sprüngli’s position on genetically modified organisms (GMO) and the control of pesticides.
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Lindt & Sprüngli’s sustainable cocoa supply chain: Traceability and verification as a pre-requisite for trust

Lindt & Sprüngli is committed to a production chain that is ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable for all parties involved. In 2008, the company launched a program called ‘Ghana Traceable’ with the aim to trace every bag of cocoa beans from the village where the cocoa is grown to the chocolate factory where the cocoa is processed. During 2012/2013, the program was substantially extended and became the ‘Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program’, including the implementation of measures to improve the livelihood of the cocoa farmers, their families and their communities, and independent verification of the progress made. In the period of 2012 - 2016 the verification process for all traceable coooa beans will be implemented in Ghana. In addition Lindt & Sprüngli will extend the verification process to cover the company’s entire cocoa supply chain by 2020.
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Local knowledge: Enabling close collaboration

Through a number of partner organisations, Lindt & Sprüngli supports cocoa farmers in growing in a sustainable and traditional manner. The company empowers them by reintroducing the knowledge that might have been lost, or by teaching them new practices to help prevent tree diseases and increase yield while preserving the environment. Lindt & Sprüngli continuously evaluates opportunities to work with local and governmental bodies and to support public research institutes in the growing regions. The aim is to create a positive knock-on effect up the supply chain, to add value at every stage and to develop local expertise in the sourcing region.
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Biodiversity: The key to success

Sustaining rich biodiversity and creating opportunities to move away from monocultures is an important cornerstone of the company’s strategy to ensure the long-term growth of raw material supply and sustainable land use. Lindt & Sprüngli uses an exceptionally high percentage of ‘flavour’ cocoa beans because of their unique taste and supports organisations specialised in the field of diversity of cocoa varieties.
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Our Premium Promise in sourcing

Premium quality in sourcing means the best choice of sustainably produced raw material and strict quality control at source, coupled with the best recipes.
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